Car care and your pets

Pets are part of the family. When going out in our cars we love to take our pets along for the ride. 

However, have you seen the hair left by our pets on the car seats and carpets?  Tim, from Scratches Plus has some great hints to prevent pet hair becoming a problem in your car.

To remove the pet hair from the carpets and interior can be time consuming and tedious. The good old vacuum cleaner can pick up most of the large hair and then by using a brush can help loosen the smaller stubborn hairs left behind.  When using the brush make sure you stroke in one direction to bring the hair to one area of the carpet, making it easier to vacuum.

How to keep your car clean so you can continue to have the enjoyment of your pet travelling with you.

  • Give your dog or cat a good brushing on a regular basis. This removes dirt, debris and dead hair from being tracked into your car as well as being a good massage for your pet’s skin.
  • Use a towel, blanket, or plastic to place over the seats and carpet of the car, so your pet can sit on when travelling. This can also help your pet feel important.
  • Cleaning your car on a regular basis will also prevent a build up of pet hair accumulating in your car.

If you ever have any concerns or questions on this matter give Tim, from Scratches Plus, a ring on 0421 756 068  or read the page on car detailing.