Car Paint Protection

Enjoy a clean car with little effort, with a quality car paint protection.

Imagine if cleaning your car took half the time. Dirt and bugs wash off easily without much scrubbing and you are left with a mirror finish. Good enough that you can see your own reflection.

The latest paint protection technology can bring your car’s paint work back to life, and is affordable. By applying an extra coating to the paint work on the car, gives that extra protection from elements such as the harsh sun, bird droppings and salt air, experienced living on the Sunshine Coast.

Recent happy customer

Wow. What an awesome professional service and business. Tim is one of the most professional car person I have ever met, the paint protection on the car looks amazing, like a mirror, glass like perfection, my new black triton looks incredible, AAA.

Luke from Coolum

Over time, the paint on the car fades and loses it shine. The rate of this occurring depends on:

  • The age of the car
  • Where the car is garaged or if it is left outside
  • The frequency of washing and polishing the car
  • The quality of the manufacturers paint work

Benefits of paint protection

  • Makes cleaning your car easier due to the smooth glass like finish where the dust and dirt just rolls off.
  • The high gloss durable finish keeps the car looking shiny and cleaner for longer.
  • Water beading occurs reducing the chance of watermarks.
  • Quality paint protection extends the life of the paint, holding the value of the car.
  • Saves money as you don’t need to wax and polish.

Process for applying paint protection

To get the best results takes time in properly preparing the car. The most important part is making sure the outside surface of the car is clean and free from blemishes. Scratches Plus takes pride in ensuring your car’s paint work is in top condition before applying the coating. This sometimes involves paint touch ups and paint correction.

Once the car is clear of blemishes a machine buff may or may not be required depending on the age of the vehicle and the quality of the paint work.

 After this process has been completed then the car is ready to have the paint protection applied by hand.  

Advanced technology

The product ‘C-Quartz” is the paint protection of choice here at Scratches Plus. I have been so impressed with the results when I have applied it to my own car. Its appealing features is that it is durable and long lasting. C-Quartz uses nano technology to achieve a high gloss smooth glass like finish. It can be applied to new and used vehicles providing at least 2 years protection.

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Car paint protection


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