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Paint Protection

Paint Protection Service Sunshine Coast

The number one reason why you would get paint protection is that it saves you money in the long run, as the paint lasts longer and requires cleaning less frequently. We estimate someone would reduce the need to clean their car by 50% than someone who doesn’t have paint protection.

Some Benefits

  • Easy to keep clean
  • High gloss durable finish
  • Maintains shine
  • Water beads off easily

The Scratches Plus Process

  • Wash car to remove loose dirt and grim
  • Clay bar the paint work
  • Machine buff
  • Apply paint protection

Here at Scratches Plus we use ‘CQuartz’, a product which is durable and long lasting, providing protection for the harsh elements of the sun and salt found on the Sunshine Coast. CQuartz uses advanced nano technology to achieve a high gloss smooth finish.  Applied to your vehicle paintwork this product should give your car up to 2 years protection. This applies to new and used vehicles.


We have no set price, as our quotes are dependent on the state in which the car is in to start with. Some providers out there will apply the coat over blemishes. At Scratches Plus we take great pride in ensuring your car’s paint is in top notch condition before applying the coat. This is critical and if you do choose to go with another provider we encourage you to ensure that they are taking the time required to properly prep your vehicle.


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Final result after paint protection applied

Another example from the same vehicle

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