Cut and Polish

buffingScratches Plus specialises in cut and polish, rejuvenating the paintwork.

Australia’s climate is extremely harsh on your car’s paintwork. Various contaminants such as UV rays, salt residue, bird and bat droppings can all do damage to the car’s surface on a daily basis. This leaves your vehicle paint looking dull and can oxidise over time.

This is the most preferred service to improve the paint while removing blemishes and scratches.

Not to be confused with paint correction which is a more comprehensive process to give a fuller deeper finish.

A cut and polish strips the paint of contaminants and rejuvenates the paint to leave a shiny finish.

When do you need a cut and polish?

Some of the reasons for needing a cut and polish is when your car’s paintwork has:

  • Dull and chalky paint: Vehicle paint can be affected by various contaminants and environmental conditions such as brake dust, rust particles or salt air. If neglected, oxidation can occur and cause paint to lose its lustre and shine.
  • Watermarks: Watermarks occur from rain or when the vehicle is washed in direct sunlight and not dried thoroughly. This is most noticeable on dark coloured vehicles.
  • Blemishes: Blemishes caused from bird or bat excrement, tree sap or other environmental conditions ‘bite’ into the paint. Maintaining a good protective coat on the vehicles make them are less susceptible to these blemishes.

A Scratches Plus cut and polish can rejuvenate paintwork to prime condition.

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