Headlight Restoration

As the average car get older we are finding hazy, cloudy headlights are on the rise. Some vehicles have hazy or yellowing headlights caused by the sun’s excessive UV rays as well as environmental factors. Weathering of headlights creates a yellowing glow.

TheĀ  discolouration of headlights is noticeable by the reduced vision at night that compromises safety. With the clouding of the lens it has been found that you can lose up to 80% light efficiency, posing a safety hazard. This also leads to poor vehicle appearance.

Before and After



Headlight restoration can vary from car to car, some require less than an hour while others may need additional attention. So don’t hesitate, look out for your safety and others and contact Scratches Plus to repair faded headlights and improve the brightness of the light.

Before and After

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