Paint Touch Ups


Why do paint touch ups?

All cars are sure to get a few paint chips and scratches during their lifetime requiring paint touch ups.

These paint chips and scratches can be the result of stone chips occurring while driving, shopping trolleys or other unexpected events that can cause damage to the vehicle paint.

Often these chips and scratches are too small to warrant a professional respray but are still worth repairing. Leaving these marks unattended can cause shallow or deeper chipping exposing the bare metal. This can lead eventually to rust spots, making it worthwhile to have these attended to by a professional.

It is important to colour match the paint correctly. Scratches Plus are professionals who are experienced in using advanced methods in colour matching most paints to restore the car’s paintwork.

Saving money

Performing paint touch ups saves you money as it eliminates the need for expensive respraying. Touching up the paint can be done on any age car, improving the appearance but also increasing the value of the car.

Professionally applied paint touch ups can greatly improve the appearance of the paintwork.

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