Sunscreen – Damages Cars!

The ingredients in sunscreen can damage the paint work on cars, even though it is successful at reflecting light and protecting humans from UV rays.

Tim as business owner of Scratches Plus from Sunshine Coast explains that “even though sunscreen is good for the skin it can be a problem when it makes contact with a car’s paint work and upholstery.

The ingredients in sunscreen can damage the paint and leave stains on the seats of your car leaving dull white marks. Dark coloured cars are more susceptible to more serious damage.

Even though most sunscreens are water resistant, normal washing of the car will not remove these white marks. The longer you leave the sunscreen on these surfaces it becomes nearly impossible to remove by hand.

Tim states, “He finds sunscreen damage is prevalent on cars on the Sunshine Coast.  He sees the damage around door handles and on other areas where people have leant on their cars.”  Sunscreen damage can be found on cars if the owner spends a lot of time at the beach.

Handy hint

Tim’s biggest tip and easiest way to remove sunscreen from the car is for owners to quickly clean off the lotion as soon as possible. He also suggests to protect the upholstery by placing a towel over the seats or having seat covers.

If you leave the sunscreen marks unattended the only solution is to get it professionally removed. This requires a machine buff to remove the affected areas of the car. Special attention would also be required to remove the sunscreen marks on the interior of the car.

If you have any stains and white marks on your paint work or upholstery you can contact Tim on Mobile: 0421756068.